Yeal Documents
1987. Jul Founded Kyoungdo Precision
1990. Oct Produced industrial controlling equipment
1995. Feb Developed test equipment enclosure
1996. Aug Developed communication equipment enclosure
1997. Apr Developed large-capacity PCS repeater enclosure
1997. Apr Developed small-capacity PCS repeater enclosure
1998. Jan Developed optic repeater enclosure
1998. Aug Incorporated the Kyoungdo System Company
1999. Jul Obtained ISO9001 certification[SQI-Korea]
1999. Aug Selected as the Promising Small & Medium
  Enterprise [by Hanvit Bank]
2000. Jan Selected as the Company of Military Service Special
  Exception(by Military Manpower Administration)
2000. Sep Participated in the Singapore Electronic Productes Fair
2000. Oct Attracted venture capital
  [₩1.2 billion at 18 times premium]
2000. Dec Selected as a Promising Small & Medium
  Information - Communication Enterprise by the
  Ministry of Information & Communication
2001. Jun Named as Excellent Technology Company
  [Technology Credit Guarantee Fund]
2001. Jul Registered as a venture company
  [Small and Medium Business Administration's
2001. Sep Participated in IMT-2000 exhibition held in COEX
2001. Nov Founded R&D center
2002. May Participated in 2002 Best Product Exhibition in
2002. Jan Passed the Safety Standards required for
  procurement to the Ministry of National Defense
2002. Jul Obtained ISO9001 certification [K01-440]-DAS
2003. Mar Started to export repeater enclosures for Shyam
  Telecom in India
2003. Jul Selected as a Superior Exporting firm
  [Inchon Exporty Assistance Center]
2003. Jul Patent applied for Heat sink with heat-pipe function
  buit-in [Patent Application No. 20-2003-0020832]